hi. My name is mike. 

And I'm a nomad. "Hi, Mike!'

I'm also a geek, foodie, journalist and podcaster. My goal is to live everywhere and eat everything. 

I'm an American from California. Other stats: I make my living writing opinion columns about technology and culture. I'm a husband (that's my wife, Amira, in the photo). I'm a father (my two sons, Kevin and Kenny, are also nomads). 

The Becoming Nomad site is where I talk about the nomad lifestyle and eventually where I'll sell my upcoming book, "Becoming Nomad: The Art of Freedom."

To me, being a nomad is not about travel, working remotely or even escaping the rat race. It's really a state of mind. 

About this site: "Home" is my blog, which exists to chronicle my nomadic adventures and also encourage a community around the nomadic lifestyle. 

The "Locations" page is a photo gallery showing some of the incredible places where we've lived. 

My "Gear" page is where I share exactly what products and services I use. 

"Book" is where I'll share information about my upcoming book when it becomes available. 

Reach me on Google+, Twitter or Facebook!